UV Transfer Center


The new UV Transfer Center (UVTC) was built in May 2004. It is situated right at the IST headquaters in Nuertingen. The UVTC cooperates closely with the departments "Service" and "R & D" of IST Metz. The new UV Transfer Center is a further development of IST's "more than UV" strategy. By this institution the contact between manufacturers, the users and the partners is intensified. The main purpose of the UV Transfer Center is to provide UV knowledge and support to our customers in all aspects of UV technology. A central task of the UV Transfer Center is to support our customers in all questions regarding the UV technology.


The UV Transfer Center disposes a sheetfed offset press (7 colours + coating), laboratory equipment for 2- and 3-D parts and a documentation department. In the printing sector, specialists (master craftmen and engineers) from printing industry are operating, the laboratory sector is filled with an ink and chemical engineer. In the documentation, technical editors are employed.

Our service portfolio - your advance

UV applications can still be called a niche market. In total, a yearly growth rate of more than ten percent is projected for UV applications. Our main focus is the service oriented field. We provide our customers an individually matching service.

UV trainings


The UV Transfer Center offers a full range of training courses and seminars. These are designed for printers, employees and managers in the graphic arts industry who are planning to invest in UV technology or would like to gain more in-depth knowledge.


The training courses can be divided into theoretical and practical components, which can be provided separately or together:


  • The theoretical part of the training consists of the basics of UV technology as well as issues specific to UV printing. The various components of the UV system such as UV lamps and reflectors are described in detail. In addition, technical production questions such as the characteristics of different substrates and how to print on these as well as the use of the coating unit are also discussed.
  • The practical part of the training course concentrates on the actual process as well as the operation of the UV system. The UV system, ancillary equipment and materials are used together in production conditions and test runs are also carried out.


The in-house training will take place in the UV Transfer Center. There should be a minium of five people taking part. In order to ensure that the training is efficient the maximum number of participants is eight. Individual on-site training, for example on your own press, is also possible.

Specific seminars

  • market information
  • lenticular printing (images which appear to change)
  • increase in tonal value
  • anilox rolls
  • occupational safety
  • setting gloss level
  • inerting
  • application technologies
  • test procedures

Dates by arrangement